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Fouga Magister - An Irish Perspective NEW REDUCED PRICE! Limited Time Only. 15 euro plus 6.50euro shipping throughout Ireland. For other locations please select the appropriate price including postage from the drop down menu on right. Please note that prices include standard airmail only. If you want insured post please contact me by email before you place your order.
Including postage to:
1/48 scale Max4823 International Fouga Magister- suitable for the kinetic, wingman or Avant Garde kits.
1/48 scale silk screen printed decal sheet Fouga magister operated by Algeria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, El Salvador, Morocco,Senegal, Togo and the Irish Air Corps silver Swallows aerobatic team. 12euro including worlwide postage
Max4824 Turbo Porter Selection- suitable for the Roden kits.
1/48 scale silk screen printed decal sheet that includes markings for Swiss Air force, Austrian Air Force, Iranian Air Force, Dubai Air force and a Japanese Turboporter operated in Antarctica. 12Euro including worldwide postage.
Max 4406 Maersk Air Selection (1/144 scale)�12 inc worldwide postage

Max7222 Antarctic Helicopters Pt.1 12euro including worldwide postage
Max4806 Aer Lingus DC-3 �12 inc worldwide postage
Max4810 Lockheed Hudson inc Irish Air Corps & Aer Lingus �12 inc worldwide postage
Max4814 IAC Selection, Anson I (3 schemes), DH-9 (2 schemes), EC-135 (1/32 & 1/72) �12 inc worldwide postage
Max4820 IAC Selection 1990-2010, Cessna FR172H, Siai Marchetti SF260W, PC-9, Alouette III, Gazelle, Dauphin plus bonus Irish Army Vehicle badges �12 inc worldwide postage
Max4822 Antarctic Helicopters Pt.1. 12 euro including worldwide postage",1000]]],["www.rte.ieNET%20CLR%203.0.30618%3B%20.NET4.0C%3B